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On the upstairs porch, at the Mansion on Judges Hill, Austin, TX, 11/9/07. Lonestar beer is the local swill, and is comparable to a Pabst, Stroh's, etc.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A Pretty Great New Beirut Video

For the songs "Forks & Knives" off the new album.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Audio Books on eMusic

Yet another reason to subscribe to eMusic -- they now have audio books available. I'm not sure if this is introductory or not, but right now you can get them for just one credit (the equivalent of one song).

I pay $20 a month and get 75 credits, which is an awesome deal. If you're doing the math that's about $0.27 a song (or Audiobook in this case). That's 6-7 albums a month for $20, and there's plenty to choose from. Can't beat it.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Taking Issue w/ ESPN Power Rankings

More non-music for a second. ESPN released their week 2 Power Rankings yesterday and I am appalled that New England has retained the top spot. First of all -- apparently they're cheaters. Second, the beat up on the f'ing Jets. Wow, you's guys is da mans!

But check this: New England topped the Jets 38-14 (a margin of just 24 points) while allowing two offensive touchdowns. The Colts on the other hand beat the New Orleans Saints -- arguably the best team in the NFC, and an apparent offensive powerhouse -- by a margin of 31 and allowed ZERO offensive touchdowns. Explain to me why the New England Patriots deserve to be in the top spot? What a joke.

I hope LT and the Chargers put a hurt on the Pats this week. You know they're reeling from that playoff loss last year.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Stuff & Some Led Zeppelin

Here's the new EP from Midlake. If you haven't checked out last year's Trials of Van Occupanther, do yourself a big favor. This new releases features an acoustic take on that album's first cut, plus a couple of leftovers. Word is the band is currently writing and recording the follow-up, which is said to have same 70s rock approach.

Midlake: Oak and Julian EP

If you liked the last Band of Horses, this new album is more of the same. You can definitely hear the presence of all the new members (the last disc was mostly Ben Bridwell and one other guy, who since has left the band... I think). I predict Pitchfork giving this one a 7.5 rating. I'll give a 6 so far.

Band of Horses: Cease to Begin

Here's an all acoustic version (!) of the new Okkervil River release. I didn't even know this existed. Haven't heard this yet, but if you like the new album -- and you should -- this one is worth grabbing for curiosity sake.

Okkervil River: The Stage Names (acoustic version)

Need I say anything else: Best Zeppelin album ever: Houses of the Holy. You be the judge.

The full Led Zeppelin discography.

I posted this one a few months ago, but I wanted to bring it back up since it's probably still the best slice of dance music to get released this year. Just dirty, nasty, bloody disco.

Justice: †

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Travis Henry is to Wilt Chamberlain, as...

You gotta love this bit from the Sports Guy on ESPN's Page 2. I am the (proud?) owner of Henry in at least one league... even though I think he'll probably bomb this year.
15. Travis Henry
A little scary because of the fumbling problem and Mike Shanahan's abject hatred for fantasy owners ... and that's before we get to last weekend's remarkable "nine kids by nine different women" revelation. Remember when we were all blown away when it was reported that Shawn Kemp had seven kids by six different women? If Kemp was like Roger Bannister breaking the four-minute mile, then Henry just brought the sports fertility record down to the 3:35 range. You have to admire the way he's spreading his seed around. According to the guys at Football Outsiders, Henry has the highest kids-per-partners rate (100.0) since they started keeping track of the stat in 1993.


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