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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Favorite Records this Year?

What was your favorite record(s) this year? Post a quick comment and let me know. Now is the best time of the year for music. All the year-end lists have come out, and its a big ole feast of highly-recommended stuff.

That's why its so hard to come up with a year's best list in December. Usually there are at least 1-2 albums I hear in early 2008 (as a result of year-end lists) that end up being favorites. I'll try to post my list soon.


Comments on "Favorite Records this Year?"


Blogger Big Benjamin said ... (1/05/2008 11:44 PM) : 

I've read all of the lists and I have to say that I think Animal Collective and Panda Bear really blow. Too advanced for my simple mind maybe? (1) Sound of Silver, (2) Boxer, and (3) Ga, Ga, etc. are my top three albums. Nothing too crazy.

Top song goes to "Mistaken For Strangers". Really hits home in this year of searching for a desk job.


Blogger Management said ... (1/07/2008 10:15 AM) : 

I hear you, Ben. I think "really blow" might be a little strong, but I can see how they're are a little trumped up in your eyes. Both albums have some great moments, but I don't think either have any business in a Top 10 this year.


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