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Friday, December 14, 2007

A.V. Club's Worst Bandname Feature

This has to be the year-end list I've read so far. So many classic band names. I hate to just reprint, but here are a few personal favorites. You really should read the whole article.
  • Baboon Torture Division
  • Gay Witch Abortion
  • Neil Diamond Phillips -- "Part Neil Diamond, Part Lou Diamond Phillips, 100% Rock!" Sadly, the band doesn't sound like Lou Diamond Phillips singing Neil Diamond songs.
  • Capitalist Hippie Complex -- What's the recipe for the Capitalist Hippie Complex? They'll tell you: 1.5 oz top shelf Funk, 2.0 oz conscious Hip Hop, 1.0 oz underground Jazz, Mix with anything, add High Energy Twist, Serve Chill as a Motha Fucka
  • With Blood Comes Cleansing
  • Cocktards
  • Killgasm -- First line of their bio: "Started in 2002 to try and end Christianity. Instead we spent the years just drinking, doing drugs, and fucking a lot of whores. All while trying to rip off Carcass and Darkthrone."
  • Algebro
  • Jewsus


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